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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Yoghurt Curries

Yoghurt is such a versatile food, especially in Indian cooking because you can do so much with it. Here is a selection of a few easy-to-make yoghurt curries that you can eat with rice, rotis or even a few slices of crusty bread. 

Plain Yoghurt Curry

Take a cup of yoghurt, stir it with salt top taste and a bit of sugar. Meanwhile, chop up a tablespoon of onion and a tablespoon of tomato. In a teaspoon of oil, fry the onion for a few minutes, add the tomatoes then add chopped cilantro or coriander. Add a pinch of red chilli powder and a pinch or turmeric, then add the yoghurt and remove from the fire. Tastes great with rice, Indian breads or just regular bread. You can even have it on its own like a soup.

Yoghurt and Chicken Curry

Boil chicken and cut into bite-sized bits (you will need half a cup).  Stir a cup of yoghurt with salt and a bit of sugar and keep aside. Meanwhile, put in a few mustard seeds in a teaspoon of oil, wait till they splutter, then add tablespoon of chopped onion and fry till transparent, add a teaspoon of curry powder (click here for recipe) and add the chicken Add a few tablespoons of water and bring to the boil for a few minutes. Turn the flame down, add the yoghurt and turn off the flame. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves (cilantro) and serve with rice, Indian breads like roti or regular bread. 

Yoghurt and Dumpling Curry

Fry a tablespoon of chopped onion in a teaspoon of oil and add a teaspoon of curry powder (click here for recipe) and half a teaspoon of turmeric powder. Stir a cup of yoghurt with salt and a bit of sugar, add to the onion and spices and remove from fire. Keep aside. Take a tablespoon of chickpea flower, add salt, a pinch of chilli powder, salt to taste and a pinch of baking powder. Mix with water to make a soft dough, make small marble sized balls and fry in hot oil.. Drain, put into yoghurt curry just before serving.

Yoghurt and Vegetable Curry

Stir a cup of yoghurt with a pinch of sugar and salt to taste and keep aside. In a little oil, fry half a chopped onion, two cloves of chopped garlic and half a cup of cubed vegetables. Add a teaspoon of curry powder (click here for recipe) and a little bit of water and cover till the vegetables are cooked. Add the yoghurt and turn off the flame.


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